KARA – Walking the fine line

November 16, 2009 at 9:11 pm 2 comments

I’m pretty surprised to find myself writing about this band right now. I mean I’ve known about them for months, heard their songs and seen their videos quite some time ago, so why isn’t it that only now I seem to find them like a drug and keep coming back for more?

After writing about f(x) recently it seems my urge for Korean music has returned to me and I find myself fascinated by this band more and more.

I could just say that they’re an awesome band and all that crap, but I’d actually like to know why I’m suddenly hooked on them. My first experience of KARA goes back to this youtube video:

At the time I was in the middle of my Lee Hyori craze (I’ll explain my love/hate relationship for all things Korean at a later date) and especially at a time when U-Go-Girl never seemed to stop playing, whether it be at on my stereo, computer or iPod. I hunted down various live performances on youtube and the one that stuck out for me the most was this one. A lot of people seemed to be saying that nobody but Hyori could do the song justice; now as much as I love Hyori, I’m not a complete idiot (parts are missing, oh lol).

The only girl groups I’d heard before from Korea had a very heavy R&B sound to them and in truth that usually isn’t my kind of thing. Although I like to say that I’m a fan of SNSD (So Nyeo Shi Dae, or whatever other spelling variant you want to refer to them by) and Wonder Girls, in truth they each have about five songs that I really like, the rest of them I could take or leave. KARA instantly stood out from the crowd for me due to the fact that there voices were much higher pitched than the girls in these other bands and seemed a lot more “fun”. It wasn’t instantly that they love affair happened though.

Maybe fate was trying to tell me something, but for no reason in particular I found myself looking up information about KARA in little spells, as if I was testing the water to see if I came across anything I didn’t like I could pull back at any time. Why I ever looked up about the members, their names, what they’re like etc I’ll never know, it just happened. Why I decided to randomly get hold of their music is beyond me, but I did and that’s what counts.


Koo Hara instantly caught my attention when I first saw the band, probably because she looked like she’d fit right in with the loli members of some of the typical idol bands out there. I mean look at those socks and the ridiculous pink hat, she wouldn’t look out of place in a Momusu concert taht’s for sure. Her attitude seemed so different though, and it was good to see though highly unexpected. What was more unexpected was finding out just how old she was; when I saw that she was 18 I couldn’t believe it, I’d figured her to be about 14 or 15. As others have pointed out she looks like a younger version of Namie Amurie, unlike Namie though I don’t want to punch Hara in the face every time I see her.

It wasn’t Hara that really helped launched me into my current fandom though, that accolade would be awarded to the goddess herself.


I remember seeing this picture of Park Gyuri a while ago and being amazed at just how perfect she looked; I actually wonder how this wasn’t the main catalyst for me checking up on this band again, then again maybe it was there burrowing away at my sub consciousness.

Basically this girl seems to have a lot of good qualities that I like in women, well good qualities from my point of view anyway. The most obvious being that she’s pretty damn hot; I don’t know what it is with me and Korean girls but some seem to have an effect on me that I just can’t shake off not matter how hard I try. Although I may just be picking up pace in my pursuit to find out more about KARA I already love Gyuri’s personality, which amused me to find out that it is quite a controversial thing to love.

One of the reasons I’ve stayed away from the KPop fandom is that form the outside looking in it looks very unwelcoming; videos and forums are riddled with abuse from fans of rival groups and if you don’t know everything about a band then you’re ignored on message boards or the like. Maybe I’ve had bad experiences, I don’t know, but it’s these kinds of idiots that have put me off getting more into the Korean music scene. If people want to hate on rival bands members then there’s no doubt that Gyuri provides the perfect opportunity to do so. I mean calling herself a “goddess”? That’s some serious ego issues right there. Whether it’s done in guest or not I don’t quite know yet since my knowledge is limited but this is the second main point of Gyuri that appeals to me; the fact she appears to be so far up her own ass.

It’s not exactly an endearing quality for many people and I have to admit that most people I know who are egomaniacs are idiots. I do like it when women who have something to be proud of show it though and I’m a sucker for real bitches, maybe it’s because it’s not something you often see or maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a bastard myself. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m stuck up but it would be cool to be told to shut up by someone who is…strange reason I know.

So that’s the girls that have perked my attention so far, but what about the songs? Well they’re the whole reason I looked into them in the first place and I was surprised to see that there was more than a couple that I liked.

“Honey” and “Pretty Girl” were four star songs on my iTunes and as anyone that knows me will tell you, that’s no easy feat to manage, the rest of their stuff went pretty much un-played though for quite a period of time as it failed to grab my attention. Thinking about it, this sounds very similar to the way my AKB48 craze started, will it ever get that out of control I wonder?

It was less than a week ago I found myself addicted to KARA and yet I cannot explain why, I honestly have no idea what forced me into action and put me into overdrive. In that time though “Wanna” has become my top played song of the moment and I’m not showing any signs of getting sick of it. Of course like I’ve said, Koreans will be Koreans and so they insist in putting some R&B in there for good measure and some of those songs really don’t appeal to me so much, in general though I’m pretty impressed with everything KARA has released so far. They’ve gone from having two 4 star rated songs to eight, and even a 5 star song in the aforementioned “Wanna”!

If I had to come up with a reason as to why I’ve fell in love with them so much I’d say it’s because they’ve merged the two things that both Korea and Japan do best in the music world: Japan constantly churns out mass-produced cheesy idol pop that most people wouldn’t give the time of day, and I probably shouldn’t either but I find it so damn addictive. While Korea never fails to come up with a song or two every few months that has me addicted and notches itself play count past a hundred within a two or three days (the current record is still held by the Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” with 123 plays in two days…sad I know). KARA balance the fine line between the two and as of right now I simply want to hear more things by them and get out there and find more TV show appearances with them on. How big this craze is going to get for me I don’t really know at the moment but things are looking good for the goddess and friends.


As a side not: could Gyuri actually be the one to knock Takamina off her perch at the top of the music world? I don’t want to get carried away so I’ll say no, if things carry on the way they’re going though then shorty had better start watching her back…



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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. cutephail  |  November 19, 2009 at 5:00 am

    Hey, just stopping by~
    haha so you too like KARA~they’re the only Korean girl band I like to be honest.
    I also agree with you in the kpop fandom.
    Waaay too much chaos and unnecessary drama-lol spazzing over YeSung of Suju is like…a total crime nowadays.

    • 2. takaboy  |  November 19, 2009 at 3:38 pm

      Ah glad to see I’m not the only one who noticed the unecessary KPop drama. I totally agree with you though; there’s a few other songs from Korean girl bands I’ve liked but KARA are really the first to catch my attention and the only ones to have a lot of songs that I really like.


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