f(x) – Chu~♡ – Delving into the Unknown

November 12, 2009 at 1:10 am 2 comments

I’ve dabbled with KPop before, in fact there’s a couple of artists that I can say I really like, but saying that I’m a seasoned pro in the whole scene would just be a damn lie.

Lee Hyori’s third album is one of the best contemporary R&B albums I’ve ever heard and I (eventually) did get sucked in to SNSD’s first album even if I didn’t like their stuff afterwards quite so much. It all started with Lee Jung Hyun though and I’d say that she is still my number one favourite Korean artist.


This post isn’t about any of these artists though, they’ve got a mention simply to outline how little I know about this scene other than the other odd artists I know an ickle bit about.

I first heard about f(x) a couple of months ago and it was at a time when I had the likes of “Tell Me” stuck on repeat and I was hoping for they could release some similar kind of catchy songs. In truth though my fads never seem to last that long and now that f(x) actually seem to be doing something I’ve moved on a bit from trying to get my way into the whole KPop thing.

Their new single seemed to be causing quite a fuss, enough of a fuss for a guy who isn’t even into the stuff to notice anyway, so I thought I’d check it out. Most of the time I’d usually go and grab the song and then maybe get an album if I liked that, but since this blog is here I’ve decided to do things a bit differently.

I have no idea what I’m talking about here and if any KPop fans should stumble across this they’ll probably be pissing their pants laughing at how clueless I am with the members and any back story the band may have. I sat down and watched the PV (wow, MV in Korea eh?) and decided to analyse the song a bit more than I usually would, and in truth I actually found it to be pretty rewarding.

First impressions left me thinking that the band was jumping on the whole electronic bandwagon that’s been around this year but I could hardly blame them for that. Other than that little stood out for me in the song grabbed my attention until I really went in to things; so here’s my little break down of my impressions:

When things got going I couldn’t help but be reminded of AKB’s “Namda Surprise!” with the toe tapping intro, but that didn’t last very long.

As the song starts going we’re greeted by each member in turn, none of which I know the name of or have the foggiest clue about. I should also probably point out at this point that if I offend anyone by getting any of the members mixed up that I’m very sorry; but you also need to get a life and find something worth moaning about.

The first girl we see is pretty cute but then I really am quite the sucker for Korean girls, I just wish I know how much of them was real these days.


The next girl seems more hot than cute and I haven’t really got any complaints with that, I’m already starting to wonder which of the girls are going to be the lead of the group. Hell, I don’t even know how many members there are so I could be waiting a hell of a long time.


Next on the list…first impressions say that she doesn’t really do anything for me, and the hairstyle reminds me a lot of Jessica’s old hairdo from SNSD.


Korean girls really do love this pose don’t they? Still, I think we’re back on form with this girl and I look forward to seeing who else (if anyone) we have in store.


Whoa, what? f(x) is an all girl band right? This girl (?) only seemed to be on camera for a second and then they were gone so I guess I’m gonna have to wait and see on this one.


For some reason we get one more face shot of the hottie before we go to the dance shot. It hardly compares with the ridiculous nature of some H!P dances out there but it certainly holds its own on the silly scale coming in at a solid 6.5. From this I’d gather we’re going to be getting some sugary sweet pop that usually accompanies this kind of dancing from the KPop I’ve experienced but so far the music isn’t giving much away.


WTF?! Seriously that some freaky shit and I didn’t even notice it the first time around. I hope we’re going to get some kick ass dance moves now after seeing that.


Damn how I hate screenshots sometimes, I can’t seem to capture how cool I thought this girl looked at this point. My first impressions told me this was the cute girl, but a quick flick back a couple of seconds shows her dancing to her right so it can’t have been. I can’t make out two of the other girls so well so I would put this down to it being the hot one instead, but I’m not so certain as man does she look different.


KPop girls groups seem to love watching TV too, they do it in all their vids. Well okay I can think of one which starts off like that but in terms of the amount of vids I’ve seen that’s a pretty high percentage.


Now wait a minute, I know that whatever I say here is gonna be months after everyone else has talked about it but give me a break okay? This is a girl right? Well they get more screen time here and they look manlier here than they did on their last appearance. The jaw line is one thing but the slicked back hair isn’t helping, I think the stylist is also somewhat to blame here for the ambiguity.


Ah I think I get it now! The butch one is there to help make the cuteness in the others stand out, am I right? Well boy does it work because there’s a damn cute moment here though I managed to get it to look like someone just farted in her face instead. I do think I figured out who mystery girl with the blue braids in is though.


So they disapprove of watching to black and white cartoon characters kiss on TV? I’ve heard of censorship girls but come on; even my prim and proper idol groups can probably stand to look at a cartoon character kiss. Actually there are some pretty fucked up cartoons in Japan so scratch that.


So after that little charade we have a bit more silly dancing and everyone wanders off; with blue haired girl thinking “lol what dicks”.


Once again my screencapping skills fail me as I can’t quite capture how cool the girl in the centre looks; the dreads make me think it’s the same one as blue hair and that would be good as it seems we have a very early contender for my favourite member.


Hm, I don’t think I like this one, it’s Jessica V 2.0 again isn’t it? Well whether it is or not she seems pretty bland.


Thankfully a cool close up of trusty blue hair comes along and makes the world a better place again.


So now v2.0, the cutie and Miyavi are kissing a cake? Well at least it takes their minds off that traumatic cartoon.


I think that may be v2.0 at the front again here but if so she’s gone some way to redeeming herself as her dress sense is pretty epic in these sections, only to be rivalled by you-know-who.


The hot one is doing her best to keep up despite little screen time up to now and I have to say that she’s doing pretty damn well.


She’s making a pretty strong fight back here as she shows that she can damn well dance and puts in a mixture of cute and hot with ease, the gal’s got style y’know?


I could only be bothered taking one cap here and it was either of the real mans man or this great one of the hottie with epic glove accessory; there was only one winner but damn! Even voice is deep, suspicions are starting to arouse now.


If that doesn’t remind me of Captain from the ZYX PV then nothing ever will. Not necessarily a good or bad thing really.


A wild Oguri Shun appeared!


The switching of cameras between the two scenes made me realise how much better the outfits were in the blue setting. The ones in the house kind of place aren’t bad at all but the skirts really let them down quite a bit.


What would a Korean song be without a rap section? Probably not Korean in all honesty, no prizes for who gets the role either. Up until now I’ve not had much of an opinion one this girl(?) probably because I was in too much shock but I have to say that I don’t really did the voice, not in this section anyway. It’s good to have someone with a deeper voice to help balance the song out in other parts but I get the feeling that she’s going to be limited to these rap parts alone; I could be wrong but for some reason this seems to be the in thing I’ve seen in some KPop bands. The sheer manliness here has also reached astronomical levels; no doubt this is most girls favourites who listen to f(x) (Sayaka and Yossie, amirite JPop fans?)


This is the only acrobatics we get after the epic introduction?  Well it was good but hardly worth the wait; blending it between the two shots was a nice touch though.


Looks like this girl can be pretty cool after all. She’s looking pretty damn good here and here gangsta moves and style were pretty swish too. There’s hope for you yet girl.


Whatever this girls name is, I’ve decided that I think I love her. Not in the “I have deep feelings for you and want to spend the rest of my life with you” love, more the “wow, you’re pretty damn hot” kind of love; you know, real love.


And that is about the last good cap that I could manage to get. All in all I was pretty impressed with both the video and the song. It wasn’t cutesy bubble pop and it wasn’t trying too hard to be gangsta and managed to fall quite nicely in the middle. There were a few times that the cute one acted like a retard a bit more than was necessary but I’m guessing that’s part of her charm. It’s made me take notice of them anyway so away I go to find out a bit more about them and see what I can find. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be fun to do or realise halfway through what a chore it was but I enjoyed more than I actually though I would.

Please let me know how much of a fool I’ve been with this and feel free to laugh in my face as you point out all of the errors that I made.


PS: If you’re wondering how I magically knew the girls names for the tags it’s because I googled that band AFTER watching the video!


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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Vee  |  November 12, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    Nice analysis, it’s nice to see this from a non-fan’s viewpoint and you’re not entirely wrong. I for one love the song and don’t understand why many people don’t like it as much. Too cutesy maybe? But they’re young so it’s fitting. It ain’t jpop cutesy and not really SNSD cutesy either. Since you’ve googled them I assume you figured out who’s who now? But yeah to break it down in a nutshell f(x) is an Asian pop dance group (hence the very energetic dance moves) made up with members of many nationalities. They’ve got 2 native Koreans, 1 Chinese, a Korean American, and a Tawainese-American.

    Using the caps you posted (sometimes I got confused whether the caption was for the cap above or below it)

    Sulli (15) – the peppy cutesy one with the cap. She reminds me of MM’s Koharu without the annoyingness. lol She sort of ended up being my favorite for some reason.

    Krystal (14!!!) – the one with the blue in her hair. It’s funny you mentioned SNSD’s Jessica because it turns out that Krystal is her little sister! And this is one of the reasons why f(x) has gained a lot of attention.

    Victoria (22) – the Jessica v.2 She’s the Chinese member and leader of the group. Studied Chinese ethnic dance which explains why she’s so damn flexible. She was also the lead girl in Shinee’s “Noona, you’re so pretty” video

    Amber (17) – “Miyavi” (I LoL’d) She’s the Tawainese-American from Cali. She’s very tomboyish as you can see and has been mistaken for a guy numerous times. And yeah fangirls are really into her, it’s weird. I suppose it’s like the Yossie effect. And she’ll most likely be stuck with rap parts but at least her English is fluent and her raps are understandable (unlike some rappers from other kpop groups *ahem* Jewelry’s Baby J.)

    Luna (16?) – She’s the short, slightly dark one. Best singer of the group IMO. I think you’ve got her and Krystal mixed up several times according to what you wrote up there. She’s really cool, I like her too.

    Overall, I think they’re a different kind of group, mixed ages, mixed nationalities, mixed styles and looks. They’re not great but they’re not sucky either. I’m amazed how big they’ve already gotten since debuting only back in Aug/Sept(?) Maybe for the wrong reasons (familial connections and the tomboy “gimmick”) But I think they have a lot of potential. And this damn song has been stuck in my head ever since. XD

    • 2. takaboy  |  November 12, 2009 at 6:54 pm

      Thanks for the comment! Though in truth I just googled the names and pretty much left it at that; it was like 4am or something when I finished writing it so I didn’t have the energy to do much research; I had no idea that there were mixed nationalities in there though.

      Damn, you’re right about the caps being confusing…I had a feeling that may have been the case when I was writing it but was too stupid to fix it; well I’ll get on that right now…

      I can’t believe how young Sulli and Krystal are, I really need to take note of these things first with Asian bands and be careful what I say. :S

      My biggest shock was finding out that Jessica from SNSD was actually connected with the band, made me lol a little. You’ve already helped me on my next stage of finding out a little more about them anyway so thanks for that.

      Like you say I think they have potential but this is just from the one song; I seem to remember them having one other single out but I could be very wrong.

      I now have a similar problem to you though: the song is stuck in my head but my net is so bad it takes about half an hour just to load a three minute youtube video, infuriation quickly sets in.


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