AKB48 Setlist Best 100 – 2011 Preview

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What comes once a year, at a time when it’s really really cold outside and you just know is going to be full of surprises?

Yes, that’s right; it’s the Setlist Best 100 and 2011 should be no different!

It seems this year they’re really putting some effort in by even giving us an official site, wow!

I honestly think that these performances are one of the best ways to understand what AKB48 is really about and they’re great whether you know your stuff or you’re a complete AKB n00b. You get to see the lesser known members, and if there’s a few songs in there that are stinkers then so what? There’s like another ninety something to choose from!

2008’s show was awesome and when I heard that it was going to be happening again in 2009 I was pretty damn excited about it. I played down my expectations as much as I possibly could but I don’t think it would have made any difference as it blew away last year’s performances. Of course there were a few songs that I loved that inevitably got taken out but a couple of new ones that were wrongly excluded from 2008’s list were brought in.

It makes me wonder just how someone could have any kind of animosity towards such a splendid piece of work. But of course there are those who will find problems when there aren’t any, I’ve noticed that some SKE fans don’t seem to be happy with the lack of love they seem to be getting from these lists.

Below is a list of the provisional top 29 (why pick such a weird number?) for this year’s list and yes, there is no SKE48 present there. But why should there be? I can quite happily rise my hand up and say that I’m not massive on SKE but at the same time I still like them and hope they follow the success that AKB have had. Let’s look at this list one more time though, what does it say on at the top? You don’t have to be good at Japanese to read this part, it’s just three little letters: A, K and B. Now Meatloaf said that two out of three ain’t bad but I think that Meaty would agree with me that one out of three isn’t going to cut the mustard. This list is for AKB songs and I think that SKE have done well to get in the list at all.


One thing can be certain though, last year’s performance of SKE48 certainly wasn’t voted to be there, obviously it was AKB48, but that’s fine, that’s fine. Was there anymore SKE songs in there? No, it was just to help them get a little more exposure and from then till now you can guarantee that their popularity has gone up a fair bit. If SKE ever get their own list to themselves I’d be just as pissed, if not more so, to see random AKB songs making it in there. So will we be seeing anymore SKE songs in next year’s list? Personally I hope not but if you find any creeping towards the top end of the list you can bet that there’s something sinister afoot.

You see now we come to the true problem with these lists: the fact that they’re almost certainly a setup.

As upset as I was to see “Shonichi” take the number one spot last year I’m happy to give credit to the hardcore wota that follow Team B for getting them pushed so high. Some of the songs positions though simply make no sense. Why was “Mori e Ikou” not in the list at all two years ago and then managed to jump up to 72nd? Yet “Lay Down” went from relatively high up to dropping out of the list entirely? I could sort of understand such movements if there were about one hundred people voting and they’d forgotten certain songs or simply wanted to change things around but this is literally thousands of people voting; are they really that fickle? If I was to sit down two years ago and make a list of my top 100 AKB songs I’m sure it would have changed after a whole year but not to the extent that this does. I mean what about “Nounai Paradise”, from 18th to 97th? No way.


I’m arguing against myself here when I say that wota are the most disloyal fans there are, jumping from one fad, one idol to the next who they worship until they find a better one, but I still simply cannot get my head around this.

If people are so bad at making their mind up about which songs they like and which they don’t then I suppose it’s my problem more than theirs since I’m the one worrying about it, I just fear a top 10 full of King Records singles that simply do not belong there.

Okay, that’s an easy point to argue against since they boast larger sales, but what about all the long time fans who’ve been following the band for three years or more? Surely the likes of “Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru” should at least get some sort of a look in? Instead this year it seems that we’re getting songs performed by a band that doesn’t even technically exist.

I am of course referring to “Persona” and “3seconds”. Now I’m all for a bit of lulz and so it would be quite funny to see this song in there but 12th is really not a realistic position for it. That coupled with high positions for both “Relax” and “Tane” makes me very sad indeed.

I’m expecting a huge push from “RIVER” by the end of things and it’s likely to take top spot by a fair margin and I won’t really mind that as long as the awful “Iiwake Maybe” doesn’t make it. Of course that’s all personal preference but I’m choosing the lesser of two evils ehre. Not that I have anything against RIVER, but it hardly compares to the likes of “Seifuku” and “Aitakatta”.

So what is it, am I already becoming an elitist AKB fan who wants things to remain old school and wants nothing more than to see their new stuff fail? Am I pointing out all the flaws in the system and simply not addressing them? Or am I just being a really biased bastard and failing to see the truth? Whatever it is and whether you agree with me or not I hope you’ll join me in weeping openly if “Iiwake Maybe” does take the top spot.


Of course I can say with a completely unbiased view that “Bird” should take top spot.


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