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November 11, 2009 at 5:10 am 1 comment

Now this isn’t a post I was expecting to be writing anytime soon; or at all for that matter; but I suppose that’s what boredom and too much free time on your hands does to you.

  • AKB Project Forum

That’s right AKB Project already has its own brand new forum. Can you say “rushing into things?”

It can be slightly justified though; a forum built by its members would be great to see (even if it is a disaster) and worth a go, that’s why at the moment if you do pay a visit you’ll notice there isn’t a massive amount going on. If you want to try something try though then I suggest you give it a go. I have as much idea about whether or not this will work as you do but I’m here for the long-term so if people decide to give it a go and then abandon me for a while then I’ll still be around most likely talking to myself.

Hey come on, you’ve got the time to read this blog so don’t make out as if you’ve got too much of a life to join the forum, right?

EDIT: Surprisingly enough it seems that badly made plans can go wrong more often than well thought out ones; the forum is closed, already. Yup it lasted less than 24 hours which may well be some kind of record for these things. Apologies to those few that did join in the time it was up but I notcied that Norton was warning me abouta ll sorts of phishing scams from the host and decided it was best not to run the risk for my own good as well as everybody elses.

Well what can I say? When I fail I fail in style and that’s got to be something to be proud of, hasn’t it?


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