More Misery For Morning Musume

November 10, 2009 at 12:25 am 2 comments

So what’s the deal with Morning Musume recently? Are they really fading deeper into obscurity? Are those rumours of the end of H!P finally upon us after all these years of speculation? Or am I finally just being sucked into the bandwagon of fail that is the fact it’s the cool thing to do to say that Momusu are finished?

In all honest I just don’t know, though I can’t help but feel that there is considerably more gloom around Momusu recently, especially after Kimagure Princess and its terrible sales figures.

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In case you’re not sure of what they were they ranked in at number 4 on Oricon for the first week with a total of 36,274 (or so says Wikipedia). Now for many fans this is another thing to add to the list of ever growing concerns, but for me it’s actually quite a bright spot. You see that figure isn’t that far off the recent sales figures that they’ve been achieving and of course, well know that the naysayers will insist that that is simply because they are getting weaker and weaker, in reality what needs to be faced up to is the fact that they’re never going to be in the position they were nine years ago or so.

After all the gloom that seemed to be surrounding Kimagure Princess I was sort of relieved that there wasn’t such a massive loss in sales figures after all. In fact I’d say that most people would have said the same things they’re saying now about the failings of the band if the last two singles hadn’t charted so well; their position on Oricon is all that saved them that time and that was just getting lucky from the competition that week (or lack of).

If you’ve been living in a cave, or maybe just don’t actually like Morning Musume then here is the PV of the song for you. Though if the latter is the case I have no idea why you read on this far, moron.

The video was uploaded by nwzrPV .

Now personally I like the song, it appeals to the side of me that loves the crazy side of H!P. Okay so it isn’t as cracktastic as some of the shit they made in the past (Hana wo puun springs to mind) but they’re going for something a bit different and that instantly scores points in my book. It was especially pleasing for me to see this pop up now as I hated the last two singles as they were dull as dishwater JPop.

Now we come to the problem: the Japanese don’t like different. A pretty broad statement and a bold one at that, I can admit, but recent evidence seems to show that that’s true. I find it very hard to distinguish between a lot of the “poprock” bands out there in Japan at the moment and idol groups seem to be suffering the same fate. It’s been obvious for some years that they’re just not the thing to do anymore and that is why AKB has managed to be successful by simply targeting the niche market that will buy their stuff; and because of that they’ve picked up some extra fans along the way. Just look at any of the singles since AKB have signed to King Records; they all sound identical in almost every way, don’t try anything new or different and suddenly they rise to super stardom. I for one wasn’t shocked that River did well. I admit that I was shocked by the sheer scale of it but the marketing was perfect for it and it was always going to be a winner destined for the number one spot.

Since switching over to the dark side (AKB) I don’t feel any joy from seeing Momusu fail; of course I love seeing AKB do so well and especially for an idol group and it’s just bad luck that it helps pile misery onto Morning Musume. I can’t say I was exactly upset with seeing how badly they fared with Kimagure but I was brightened up to see that there are still fans out there who hold out hope for them. Hey, it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

The TanaKame blog has recently uploaded a video stating their admiration for the girls and their ability to put in a massive amount of effort for their shows here and I for one was happy to see that the fandom still burns strongly for some of us. Now if only the UFA management would take note of the true fans and actually try catering to them rather than trying to do the impossible and be loved by everyone.

luv-angelz doesn’t quite share the same optimism but then once again we see that the source of this is these supposed poor sales of Kimagure Princess. If Morning Musume fans want any words of consolidation it’s this: no matter how you dress it up, whether it be number one spots or travelling to America, Morning Musume or only doing as badly now as they have done for the past four or five years. Granted there has even been a steady decrease since then but that’s true for the entire music industry.

So in conclusion? Maybe I was too hasty in spelling out the doom of the biggest selling female act in Japan’s history, but I still hold a reservation or two…or three or four…..


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  • 1. mal  |  November 10, 2009 at 3:58 am

    Everyone already knows, really, how H!P will stay alive as long as the wota keep buying. The hardcore fans are the only ones H!P really needs to keep going. The rest is just bonus income for them.

    What most fans think of course, is that MM deserves to be back at the top, when they appeared on every TV show, had their own and people weren’t embarrassed to say ‘oh! I like Momusu!’. Which, really, is quite unrealistic, given the low quality of their releases and general boringness in terms of promotion.

    Doesn’t help that the management is stuck in the old days. Bunions? Seriously?

  • 2. takaboy  |  November 10, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    Yeah, I agree with that completely. Which makes me wonder why exactly they insist on trying to appeal to such a broad range of people rather than targeting the wota audience.

    Japan is so fickle about what is “cool” that they have no chance of getting back to where they were, and personally I think that the quality of their stuff isn’t as important because of that.

    The problems really do all lie with the management, it’s hard to see them ever changing though and in truth it may not be such a good idea to. The loyal fanbase they have is exactly that, loyal, but they may not be if Momusu suddenly decide to throw away all the shackles that come with being an idol group and become much more open. If they don’t get accepted by more people like they would hope then it owuld be a pretty big gamble.


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