Fallout from Fallout

November 9, 2009 at 4:52 am Leave a comment

Bad pun I know, sorry. Actually I’m not as you’ll probably soon realise that this place will be full of them.

Playing Fallout 3 almost constantly for the last few days has got the Galaxy News Radio songs stuck in my head, even the ones I didn’t like at first. One stand out track has to be Butcher Pete (Part 1) by Roy Brown. More than a slight hint at a euphemism in there that if you don’t get you really need someone to go V.A.T.S. on your ass.

Hey everybody, did the news get around
About a guy named Butcher Pete
Oh, Pete just flew into this town
And he’s choppin’ up all the women’s meat


He keeps hackin’ and wackin’ and smackin’
He keeps hackin’ and wackin’ and smackin’
He keeps hackin’ and wackin’ and smackin’
He just hacks, wacks, choppin’ that meat

Butcher Pete’s got a long sharp knife
He starts choppin’ and don’t know when to stop
All you fellas gotta watch your wives
‘Cause Pete don’t care whose meat he chops


Ever since Pete flew into town
He’s been havin’ a ball
Just cuttin’ and choppin’ for miles around
Single women, married women, old maids and all


Wakes up in the morning, half past five
Chops from sunrise to sunset
I don’t see how he stays alive
Meat’s gonna be the death of ole Pete yet


The police put Pete in jail
Yes, he finally met his fate
But when they came to pay his bail
They found him choppin’ on his cell mate


That Butcher Pete is a crazy man
Tries to chop down the wind and the rain
Just hacks on anything he can get
Say, turn this record over, you ain’t heard nothing yet


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