AKB48 2010 Calendars – Let the RAGE begin

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It may not be a very good way to kick things off but I need to have a moment of RAGE, with a bit of anxiety thrown in for good measure. Maybe you know what’s coming but I’ll say it anyway…

Why the hell are there no Takamina calendars for 2010?!?!

She’s one of the most popular girls in the group and, while it pains me to admit it, she’s not the best looking the group has to offer, but does her lack of a chest department really have to leave her so shunned? I’m sure she could manage to shift a fair few calendars if she had one; I mean come on Watarirouka Hashiritai? Fujie Reina and Chikano Rina? What’s with that shit? As great as AKB’s marketing people are it goes to show how dumb they can be at times too; Fujie proved she wasn’t getting over with the fans by not making it into the Senbatsu for IIwake maybe and yet they continue to push her and push her, if they keep going at this rate she’s gonna fall off the edge of the planet any day soon. And yet where does this leave Takamina? To rot in the gutter that’s where.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against Reina, in fact I don’t think there’s enough of a personality there to hate. It’s not her I’m really RAGING at though, it’s the idiots who can’t seem to understand my pain by knowing that another year will pass and my urge will once again be unfulfilled.

So enough of the RAGE, onto the anxiety.

This little predicament left with a truly testing choice: whose calendar to buy? Well Morning Musume made it to the top of the list two years ago but they’ve done nothing to reinvigorate themselves to me and last year’s Maimai calendar showed off plenty more skin so they were already down in the pecking order. So who’s it going to be?

Maeda Atsuko – The face, no way can I get this one. Buying this would be like getting “Gerrard” on the back of a Liverpool shirt: it’s just mainstream for me man.

Kojima Haruna – Yes please, but at the same time something doesn’t feel quite right. After seeing the recent previews of Haruna’s PB I have more “respect” for her than I did before but still, something is putting me off and I can’t figure out what it is.

Itano Tomomi – I was going to order Itano’s last year but when I saw yesasia was out of stock for like three days I panicked and bought Maimai’s on impulse. I didn’t exactly regret the decision but it made me sad when I saw the Itano preview’s.

Kasai Tomomi – Another one which made it onto the nearly list last year but fell at the last hurdle. Another one I have great “respect” for, especially after seeing her in person; prettiest person I’ve seen IRL hands down.

Ono Erena – Why Erepyon, why? I can say that Erena is pretty without feeling too weird or creepy but seriously, I love Erena but hate having pictures of 15 year old girls on my wall (not exactly speaking from experience…oh wait, yes I am). Having Momusu pictures with different members on softens the blow because of the lgal ones but Erena up there on her own? Even I’m not gonna take the risk.

Sato Yukari – I feel sorrow for Yukarin, I really do. She can look so hot at times and so weird at others, but I’d bet good money that she’d look hot in her calendar pics and yet I haven’t given her a first though, never mind a second. I urge all of you to go out and buy it though to show that she is loved, just don’t expect me to do the same.

Oshima Yuko – Yuko has always been a bit of a BOBFOC* for me, mainly because she looks like the female version of a male friend of mine. She certainly isn’t hideous, but he is.

Miyazaki Miho – Mere months ago I never would have dreamed I’d be contemplating buying a Myao calendar, but she kicked my ass recently into showing me just how great she is. She has the same problem as Erena though, my heart says yes but my head says hell no.

Miyazawa Sae – What do I have against Sae? Nothing, that’s what. So why do I hate her pictures? I didn’t like her PB and I don’t really like her calendar either, yet I think she’s great and actually quite pretty. I.Don’t.Get.It.

Fujie Reina and Chikano Rina – Oh come on now, this is a joke right?

Watarirouka Hashiritai – I only really care for the cyborg here and even she isn’t cool enough to save the other three, let’s be honest and say that this would certainly be a wasted purchase for me.

Oshima Mai – Last year’s calendar was epic ain’t no doubt about that, but I’d much rather have one of a member that is actually still in the group. *Insert more why the hell isn’t Takamina here instead? RAGE here*

So the verdict?


This year Kasai is the lucky girl, and once again Itano is the unlucky one. I feel so bad the more I think about the fact that I flipped her off again but she’s a big girl and I’m sure she can take it on the Tomo-chin (Get it? No?) Once again though she was a victim of events beyond her control, I panicked once more and with a lack of Itano previews I went ahead and rushed myself into ordering Kasai’s. Hell I can’t say I’m unhappy with my choice as the previews look great, but poor baby Itano…

So who else has got one or has one on the way, and did you go through the same torment I did in deciding which one to get?

* BOBFOC – Body Off Baywatch, Face off Crimewatch


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